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    February 22, 2014 by Clesta The Winged Wolf

    First RP blog for Power Animals.

    Go crazy, no rules or anything.....EXCEPT no NSFW comments (Iike rape, swearing, blood and gore etc).

    NOTE: Deaths may occur, but DO NOT have LOTS of blood on it.

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  • Cuddlefan

    Magic: Let's start i'll magic ville practice!

    Leaf: but it's destorying Animal ville.

    Magic: but it's also time to save the world after a fail magic spell.


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  • Samanthatheflyingsquirrel25

    Erica: I think we need to be here, I don't like to be on a cave

    Julie: Dadada!

    Erica: Wha...wha... Wait! we are.... THREE CYBORGS!!

    Julie and Roxie: YEAH RIGHT!

    (Song starts)

    Erica: There was a magical land, but not always with Cats, And Dogs, Wolves, Foxes and others.... Because.. Some... Of.... Them.... Are.... HALF METAL!

    Julie and Roxie: YEAH!

    Three Cyborgs: OH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH! We are three girls, three cyborgs...

    Test: (peeks up from the bush) Hehehe....

    Three Cyborgs: (scream and run away from Test)


    Erica: The Evil Scientist is here...

    Julie: (talking) What ya mean?

    Erica: Nothing....

    Roxie: NOW YEAH!!!

    Three Cyborgs: NOW WE WILL HAVE A GREAT ADVENTURE! Because we are... THREE... CYBORGS!!!!

    Test: Oh shut up girls.

    Three Cy…

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  • Clesta The Winged Wolf


    February 14, 2014 by Clesta The Winged Wolf

    I decides to give away some characters.

    If you want to colored wolf and pet bird say, Colorful (Given to Idyemyhairpink33)

    If you want to black and white skunk say, Stinky (given to RoboStarTheBomb)

    If you want the orange bunny say, Jumping (given to Samanthatheflyingsquirrel25)

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  • Yellow-spider-kitty

    I want to make gluck's page but I end up on it's just wreid.

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