Power Animals Wiki
  • Interview  starts*

Ender Stevie: *looking at the camera with a cheesy smile*

Bootsy: Hey! *takes the camera away* Alright....*mutters* Mary Sue.....I mean, Ender Stevie, why are you so OP?

Ender Stevie: It's  just a breed, but I'm  no mary sue, I have flaws! Many flaws!

Bootsy: Like whoot?

Ender Stevie: I have a low stemina, I'm  hyper, insane *laughs mananically*, a little on the stoop side, and I'm hopeless romantic, and that's just naming the biggest flaws.

Bootsy: BUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR EYES? We need a fire extinguisher!!!

Ender Stevie: *smoke gets bigger* WTF DID YOU JUST SAY, BITCH?!

Bootsy: Wait, what are you doing? L-leave me alone......

  • Ender Stevie pounces on Bootsy*

(Please Stand By....)

Bootsy: *returns with a black eye and a scar* Day One....Endie is getting me....I-

  • Ender Stevie laughs*
  • The interview ends*