• The camera turns on*

Bootsy: Alright, finally....

Hybra: Uh....are you going to ask some questions now?

Bootsy: Uh, yes....WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Hybra: I'm a hybrid, of course I look weird!

Boosty: But why are you a HYBRID?

Hybra: Because I was born one, duh!

Bootsy: Whoot powers do you have?

Hybra: Fire and Ice...

Bootsy: But WHY!? *face gets closer to Hybra*

Hybra: Uh.....this necklace gave me those powers...*starts getting angry*

Boosty: Welp, the interview is over, bye!

Hybra: W-Wait! Don't you wanna hear about my past?! W-WAIT!

  • Camera turn off*
  • Hybra turns it back on*

Hybra: *clears throat* I was born on a Sunday, it was April, and-


Hybra: B-But-

  • The interview ends*
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