Power Animals Wiki
  • The interview starts*

Luna: *being dragged into the studio* HEY! LET ME GO!

Bootsy: *whistling and moves the camera to Luna* SIT DOWN!

Luna: *groan* OK.... *sits down*

Boosty: Alright Luna...WHAT IS ON YOUR FACE!?

Luna: It's a moon! I was born with it!

Bootsy: Uh....are you even a Power Animal? You just look like a wolf!

Luna: Shut up! *thorns stars growing out of her back*

Boosty: OK! Why are you so mean?

Luna: It's personal...... Why did YOU drag me in here!?

Boosty: To interview!

Luna: *ears lowers and growls*

Boosty: Bitch, don't growl at me!

Luna: OH YOU ARE DEAD! *bat wings pop out and pounces at Boosty*

(Please Stand by....)

  • The interview ends*