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Hybra Beast
Gender: Female
Species(s): 46% Wolf, 20% Cat, 5% Coyote, 10% Lion, 14% Eagle
Type: Hybrid Type
Powers/Abilities: Fire and ice powers
Likes: her friends, adventuring
Dislikes: The Humans, Schatten, seeing AnimalVille in danger
Relatives: Plasma (father)
Starlight, Sunny, Lela, Ashley, Dagon, Cinderella, Echo, Belia, and Fang (kits)
Tina (twin sister)
Brandy (sister)
Augustus (brother)
Silva (sister)
Age: 16
Size: Smaller than most characters, due to her cat trait
Personality: nice, generous, a bit of a push-over
Occupation: The Pack of Falling Snow
Friends/Allies: Roxie, Luna, Ender-Stevie, Wolfen, Stardust
Enemies/Rivals: Spotss, Schatten, The Humans
Love Interest(s): Stardust
Other: TBA

Hybra is a main character in Power Animals.


Hybra is nice and generous, but can be angred quite easily, as she can be a pushover at times. She is best friends with Wolfie, Roxie, and Ender-Stevie. She has fire and ice powers that she can sometimes control. She's in love with Stardust.

During the end of Season 1 (SPOLIER ALERT), she gives birth to 9 kits, Starlight, Sunny, Lela, Ashley, Dagon, Cinderella, Echo, Belia, and Fang.


Hybra has a cat head, a wolf body, eagle wings, lion paws, and coyote teeth. She also has a diamond necklace and has white hair.


  • She is the first multi-hybrid character in the series.
  • Her diamond necklace is the source of her powers and only she can take it off.
  • Her howl sounds like a coyote since she's part coyote.
  • Hybra actually named herself Hybra since she was never named by her father.