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Kimbara is a Tan-Orange lioness with a Reddish-Purple mane. She has Emerald Green eyes, and rather thick eyebrows. She has a bright red permanent scar on her left cheek along with three stripes that are Red, Green, and Blue. Kimbara has short, sharp claws which she likes keeping very clean. She is missing two teeth on her upper row, but she has no lisp. She speaks very slowly, and deeply (Kind of like Zecora)


Kimbara is a rather quiet Lioness, unlike her friend Turbine who is very noisy. Kimbara enjoys healing the wounded and making little stick forts for no reason. All though Kimbara is quiet, she has an incredibly random personality. She will often make mud puddles and put objects such as leaves, stones, twigs and other such items. She likes digging holes and burying animals' bones in them. She has quiet a close relationship with Turbine, and wants to get her to play and do the random things she does with her. Turbine will often deny her request to play. However sometimes Turbine can't help but say yes. Kimbara loves to make little potions that she says will cure certain illnesses but they actually do the exact opposite.


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