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-Luna is a main character in Power Animals.



Luna is very grunchy,  but she can turn evil when she's angry. When this happens, thorns grow on her body , plus she grows batwingss and her eyes turn red.In her young years Luna was very overprotective of her younger sister Snowy after losing everyone else like her mother her father and her other sister Dusk not long into her life she meet Storm the two soon fall in love . A few months later the two fall in the ice Luna is badly hurt and Storm dies . Two year later she meets Tornado In three years the two fall in love after the death of Silver/Sombra And Snowy leaving there daughter Lighting to be trained by Luna and her close Friend Sunset ( who also a power Animal ) Later on Luna is almost Killed trying to save Sunset from Twoleg and is too late Sunset status is unknown as of now . Then out of the blue Dusk show up looking for Snowy and Luna , Luna sadly informs her sister that Snowy is dead . then Luna tell the pack as there leader that in is going to a pup Tornado is suprized by this news . Not long before she joined the power animal Luna had a pup. She was a Girl named Dew. Soon she left to join Roxie Hybra Ender-Stevie Wolfen as a Power Animal leave Lighting as the leader and left her pup her sister Dusk . And sadly leave Tornado and promises to one day return . After join the power animals she is very hostile in result of missing Dew , Dusk and Tornado but she knew this was her Desntiy. After the death of Roxie. Before she had returned as a real wolf Luna thought about going home to Dew and Tornado but once Roxie returned she decided to stay. She get really Scared of ice after Storm died falling in ice and causing her to break her leg . At first look Luna can be thought of as Mean but really is just trying to Protect herself from being Hurt as result of the many deaths in her past . she uses her wings in battle often and her dark powers . She hates Twolegs They killed her father and mother and Kidnaped Sunset . She likes to hang out with Emotionless in her Spare time .only lost one battle to Arrow. And hates Zap but she puts up with for Arrow .


Luna is a blue wolf with purple eyes and a purple moon on her head With big powerful bat wings