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Midnight's mate is Color. They are both girls but love each other so. They used to live in a cla but were abused for loving each other. It all started when Color was getting bullied. Midnight saw the beautiful wolf and decided to help her. They both bonded.Roxie found them druged out in the forest. Roxie brought them food and cared for them.


Midnight will not talk to an animal unless they talk to her. She is one of the most shy animals. Some times she still gets picked on for being a lesbian. If an animal does pick on her, Color will help her or Roxie will hurt or punish the animal. Midnight mostly stays in her den fearing that she will get hurt be the other animals. Midnight, along with her mate Color, feel like Roxie's pups. This is because Roxie has always cared for them.


Midnight is a black wolf with Purple triagles for her pattern. Her eyes are icey blue. When ever she is seen, she is most likely seen with her mate Color.