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Power Amulets are a powerful artifacts in Power Animals.


A long time ago, the first Power Animals made 5 Emeralds, one shaped like a heart, one shaped like a diamond, one shaped like a star, one shaped like a lightning bolt, and finally, the most powerful one, one shaped like a gem.

1,000 of years ago, Schatten, a villian, was banished to the rest of villains, called Dark Mansion, forever. However, during the process, the Amulets where turned to stone, later discovered by the current Power Animals.

The Amulets

Below are what they represent;

  • Roxie represents the green gemTBA
  • Hybra represents the blue diamond, Elements
  • Wolfen represents the red heart, Superintellence
  • Luna represents the purple star, Dark Magic
  • Ender-Stevie represents the yellow lightning bolt, Power

Power Source of the Amulets



  • They are based of Elements of Harmony.
  • Even though they're called Power Amulets, they're more like "elements" than amulets.