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Roxie (Real name: Roxie WOLF) is one of the main characters in Power Animals.

Roxie WOLF remake.png


Roxie is very loyal and smart. She is a bit overpowered, like Ender-Stevie. Her metal bones hurt her, which is one of her flaws. She doesn't have any powers except for strength. She loves Rocky for an unknown reason. She was raised in lab where humans (Twolegs) put metal parts in her. One day she broke out with Wolfen and made a pack with, Ender-Stevie, Wolfen, Lunar, Rocky, Hybra, Spots (  -.-  ), Wolfie and Stardust. Roxie can heal her pack-mates but it takes her streaghth after. (SPOILER) Roxie dies in battle and is given a second chance by the Pack Of Stars and is made a real wolf. Before Roxie had just told Rocky she isn't a real wolf. She hates spots and wants him to die.


Roxie is half machine, and half wolf. This includes metal bones, metal paws, metal jaw, and metal claws. She has red eyes and is gray in color.


  • She is the second OP character in the series. The first was Ender-Stevie.