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She has blue glowing eyes and a pure white coat and a snowflake on her forehead


Snowy was shy as a result of her sister and her best friend Arrow protecting her she never had to stand up for herself . She fall in love with Silver a kind brave wolf with a dark secret . In the end Luna could not save her from Sombra resulting in her and silver's death after having there daughter Lightning. In pack of stars is kindy Welcomed by Storm when Silver first meets Storm he is very jelouss of how nice he is . But the Storm explains about how he is still in love with Luna in result Silver/Sombra backs of . Snowy tends to walk in the dreams of Lighting and Dew . Once in the dreams of her sister Luna to tell her to take Roxie's Ofther to join the team of power animals .She tells Luna in a dream the Arrow should not be leader because of her impulse nature and she was to raw and untrusting but maybe Lighting or Dew.


: She is the only of the three sisters Luna , Dusk and herself

: she is very trusting unlike her sisters

: she loves Silver and is mad to find out that he had powers and didn't tell her he was two different people in result she died leaving Luna to blame Silver/Sombra .